There are over 240 active street schemes throughout the urban area of Bognor Regis, from Pagham to Middleton and Elmer, covering thousands of households. Each scheme is run by a Street Coordinator, who communicates relevant crime information and advice on keeping safe to their scheme members, and encourages members to feed back information on any criminal or anti-social activity they see to the police and other partners.

We aim for each ward to have an Area Coordinator, who is the liaison point for individual schemes, and the link between Neighbourhood Watch and Sussex Police.  We enjoy the support on an appointed Chichester & Arun NHW Champion, committed to ensuring that the Local Policing Team will do its best to support and assist NHW to achieve its aims and objectives. Also, we enjoy a good rapport with the local police Public Engagement Officer who sends out crime messages.

We manage our affairs through a committee which consists of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and every Area Coordinator, and is supported by police representatives. This meets four times a year. 

The Bognor Regis Association was one of the earliest in the country to be formed, in 1984. It gradually became one of the largest groups in the country, covering over 14,000 households. Improvements in technology have enabled faster and more detailed communication with coordinators through email, and the Association has evolved with these changes. We continue to be a vital community resource, and are always looking to improve our local coverage.