Members' Handbooks

    Members' Handbook 2014

This explains today's vision of Neighbourhood Watch, and how to join or form a new scheme. It explains what members do, and how we interact with Sussex police and other agencies in making our homes and neighbourhoods safer. It includes some useful contacts. You may view or download the handbook here. Read more...

    The Little Book of Big Scams

Sussex Police have launched a 48-page booklet with excellent advice on avoiding a wide variety of scams: identity fraud, scam mail, investment/door-to-door/dating/banking/mobile phone/health/internet fraud and many more. You may read or download it here. (3.73MB) Read more...

    OurWatch Stay Safe Guide

The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (NHWN) has produced a 34 page guide to crime prevention and safety. You can read it or download it here. Contents include home security, garden security, fire safety, vehicle security, doorstep crime & bogus callers, telephone scams, fraud & identity theft, on-line and personal safety (2.07 MB) Read more...

 These handbooks are pdf files (portable document format). You may need to download and install Adobe Reader to view them.

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